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Thebes quotes PSG and remind him of the financiero financial doping ’of Barça

Chris Lawrence



The current president of LaLiga has welcomed the exemplary sanction of the UEFA to the Manchester City (DC News: Real Madrid rubs their hands with the City sanction). The medium he used was his Twitter account approving the decision of the highest European body and pointing to the Paris Saint Germain, for what he understands as financial doping. Users did not want to miss the opportunity in the social network to remind them that Barça makes similar movements without being studied.

In his comment on social networks, Thebes He said: “UEFA is finally taking decisive action. Enforcing the rules of financial fair play and punishing financial doping is essential for the future of football. For years we have called for severe action against Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain. Better late than never”.

Twitter users did not want to pass the situation and reminded him of the opacity in the financing of the Barça. The culé team has been the team with the most expenses in Europe, investing 1.14 billion euros with a negative balance of 464.72 million euros of losses. It is the next team behind the Manchester City, PSG and Manchester United As indicated by a user.

The Blaugrana team has benefited from an economic doping with an expense of spectacular amounts without large sales. Coutinho arrived at the Blaugrana team for 145 million the same year that I trembled landed in the club for 125 million euros by the Borussia from Dortmund. That year they were not the only signings since Paulinnho and Semedo They cost 40 and 35 million respectively. Subsequently, the signing of Griezmaan for 120 million more next to From Jong for 75. All this, with the only considerable sale of Neymar for 220 million.

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