The Justice of the Peace of Vilanova del Camí had summoned Carlos Navarrobetter known as ‘The Yoyas’, on November 14 to begin his sentence of five years and eight months in prison for seven crimes of mistreatment, injury and harassment, but he did not appear. The authorities have decreed the search and capture of his former big brother.

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According to the official document, published by Telecinco, the search and capture order will be in force and with effect until February 3, 2027, at which time a further step will be taken and the State Security Forces will be contacted to locate it. and immediate imprisonment.

As we said, the ‘Yoyas’ was found guilty of seven crimes, six of them committed against his ex-wife, also a former contestant on Big Brother Fayna Bethencourt, and against the two children they have in common. The seventh was committed against the new couple from the Canary Islands. On May 3, 2022, the chief magistrate of Criminal Court Number 5 of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria rejected the request of Carlos Navarro, who asked to replace the prison sentence with 189 days of work for the benefit of the community.

Fayna Bethancourt: “I have goosebumps”

Carlos’ ex-wife affirms that she trusts the Justice and that the State security forces find him as soon as possible: “I consider myself lucky to live so far away, honestly. That you have to take a plane and that there are airports and many kilometers in between gives peace of mind, but I can’t stop thinking about the women who, unfortunately, have that person next to them”.

Despite everything, Fayna reveals that she feels certain “restlessness” and that this whole situation gives him “goosebumps”: “The only thing I hope is that they find it”has said in Outdoor.