The Spanish rugby team and the Barbarians met this Saturday in a friendly match, played at the El Molinón-Enrique Castro ‘Quini’ stadium (Gijón), on a rainy night where the ‘most famous team in the world’ took control of the victory.

Sporting’s home debuted as the setting for a rugby match and did so with a top-notch show. A duel of many carats where the national team held firm until the middle of the first period, when the umpteenth charge of the black and whites caused a fissure in the Hispanic defense that Adam Byrne did not miss out on to overtake the British.

Santi Santos’s pupils followed suit and were close to equalizing, but the Barbarians replied by making it 14-0 after a great offensive action. Williams signed the third pose for the British and broke up the game, a moment that Spain took advantage of to get their only test of the night after a move by Facu Munilla that culminated in Bittor Aboitiz.

The Barbarians did not like Spain’s response, even though they had won the match, and Owen Lane resolved with a subtle one-on-one to close the score in the final 7-26 on a night marked by the persistent rain that fell in Gijón.