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The world's most famous hacker group attacks Barcelona and 'files' Neymar

Gabby Barker





An image of the hacking suffered by Barcelona this Saturday.

His presentation in society was unique. In 2016, the bosses of everything, the founders of Twitter and Facebook, Jimmy Wales and Mark Zuckemberg, and the presidents of Google and Sony were hacked. Then they entertained themselves: Netflix, HBO, National Geographic, the New York Times and Play Station, among many others, fell into their trap. And finally they jumped into sports with a hack in 2017 to Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​as well as teams and players from the NBA or the NFL. Now they have returned.

OurMine hacker group returned this Saturday to social networks with the hacking of organizations such as the International Olympic Committee and especially Barcelona, ​​from absolutely all of Barcelona. In the numerous accounts of the Catalan club, in all its languages ​​and all its sections, a message from OurMine appeared.

“Hello, we are OurMine. Everything is hackable. To improve your security, contact us,” read the text that appeared and disappeared at the discretion of all Barcelona accounts. Starting at 7:15 p.m., the message was present and then they began to entertain themselves with images like one in which they dressed Neymar as a Barça player.

No one knows many details of the formation of the OurMine group, but two assumptions have been accepted in US media. The first, which is a split of the Anonymous collective that subsequently faces it and the second, which began operating in July 2015 with a DDoS attack on several banks. Allegedly in that action they stole $ 500,000, although that maximum has never been accepted. An attack on Wikipedia generated some bad reputation in the hacker community and, from there, in 2016, they began their actions against famous accounts in search of advertising.


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