The media around the world surrender to Rafa Nadal again after the Spanish tennis player’s fourteenth title at Roland Garros to achieve his 22nd Grand Slam. A fact that is emphasized in the digital editions of the main media, which already run out of qualifiers to explain the successes of the Spanish tennis player.

The Team: The French sports newspaper dedicates the cover of its printed edition this Monday to Nadal with a photo of the Spanish tennis player posing with the trophy and the headline “Pour l’éterrenité”, where they play on words between the phrase “For eternity” and the word “terre” (earth) that appears slightly marked in brown, and they point out that “Faced with a nervous and impatient Casper Ruud, RAFAEL NADAL, playing fair, has prevailed for the 14th time in Paris. At 36 years old, he gets his 22nd Grand Slam title and settles more than ever at the top of his sport, whatever happens with his career.”

In its digital edition, the Spanish tennis player is also a prominent protagonist with the chronicle entitled “Nadal, the Sun King”, along with the subtitle “After a one-sided final against Casper Ruud, Rafael Nadal has won his fourteenth Roland Garros, his 22nd Grand Slam title. His future, which hinges on his lifelong injured left foot, is still up in the air.” They also include an article about infiltrations to control his foot injury with the headline. “Nadal, the injections in question, but authorized”.

The Gazzetta dello Sport: The Italian newspaper also covers Nadal’s victory with the headline “Rafa 14” and points out that “The Sun King of Paris is always Nadal.” In addition, they indicate that “From 2005 to today the Spanish is the god of the clay court and now he has 22 Grand Slam”. In addition, they collect statements from Nadal himself: “I fight to move forward” and the opinion of Paolo Bertolucci: “he is on Olympus”; and Adriano Panatta: “he is from another planet”.

In their digital edition they include the chronicle of Nadal’s victory with the headline “Immense Nadal: he wins in Paris for the fourteenth time and it is the 22nd Grand Slam of his career”, noting that “the left-hander is confirmed as the king of clay : 14 titles in as many finals at Roland Garros and record for Grand Slam titles. Norwegian Ruud surrenders in three sets.”

Hey: The Argentine media picks up Rafa Nadal’s victory with the headline “Nadal crushed Ruud in the final and won his 14th Roland Garros”, adding that “Like at home and seamlessly, Rafa swept 6-3, 6-3 and 6-0 to Casper Ruud in the final, he achieved his 22nd Grand Slam and moves away from Federer and Djokovic”. In addition, they also collect “One by one of Nadal’s 14 titles at Roland Garros”, noting that “Rafa did it again: we review all his successes in the French capital. A monster!”

The New York Times: The prestigious New York media also echoes Rafa Nadal’s victory at Roland Garros with the headline “Rafa Nadal, who is unbeatable, wins his fourteenth Roland Garros title”, adding that “Nadal extends his Grand Slam record in category men’s 22 titles with a three-set win over eighth seed Casper Ruud.

The Guardian: The British newspaper collects the new conquest of Rafa Nadal at Roland Garros with the headline: “Nadal defies time to win his fourteenth title in Paris and his 22nd Grand Slam”, noting that “Rafael Nadal was too good for Casper Ruud, winning a final that only had one color for 6-3, 6-3 and 6-0”. In addition, they collect Nadal’s 22 Grand Slam titles in a photo gallery.

Sports Club: The Serbian outlet chronicles the victory of the Spanish tennis player with the headline “The genius Nadal conquered Paris again”, noting that “Rafael Nadal is once again King of Paris. After a one-year hiatus in which Novak Djokovic rose With the crown, the Spaniard returned to the throne at Roland Garros, easily beating Casper Ruud 6-3, 6-3, 6-0 in the final.” A victory that makes Sasa Ozmo question: “Is Nadal now the greatest of all time?”

Sphera Sports: The digital sports medium dedicates its cover to Nadal by changing the Roland Garros logo for Rafa Nadal’s face on a clay background next to the headline “Time passes, nothing changes”, and pointing to Nadal’s 14 titles in Paris: 2005 , 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022.

Sports world: The Barcelona sports media also dedicates its cover to Nadal with a photo of the Balearic raising the champion trophy and the headline “22 Grand Slams, 14 Roland Garros”, along with the subtitle “Nadal sweeps Ruud in the Paris final by 6- 3, 6-3 and 6-0 and consolidates himself as the best tennis player in history”.

Sport: The Barcelona sports media dedicates its cover to Nadal with a photo of the Balearic Islands biting the champion title with the headline “Eternal” and noting that “Rafa Nadal achieves his fourteenth Roland Garros after sweeping Casper Ruud off the court in three sets”. They also collect that “the Majorcan tennis player only plans to play: ‘I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I will continue fighting to continue'”.

Brand: The sports newspaper collects on its front page some things that have happened between Nadal’s first and last title at Roland Garros: “Since he won his first Roland Garros in 2005 there have been two Popes; Spain has had two kings, three presidents, 104 ministers and eight Secretaries of State for Sport; the United States has seen five presidents go by; diesel cost 0.78 euros/litre; we have suffered a pandemic and the United Kingdom left the European Union; there was no Android system or the iPhone; Simeone and Guardiola were still players; Iniesta had not debuted with the national team, Spain had not been world champion in football or basketball; Usain Bolt had not dropped below 10 seconds in 100 meters; Fernando Alos had not won any nor Marc Márquez had even made his debut in the 125 cc world championship; our country had 76 fewer Olympic medals; 41 teams have passed through the First Division; Cristiano and Messi had not won any of their 12 Golden Balls or the Spanish football had won none of its 10 Europa League. There is only one thing that does not change: Rafa always wins (14 Roland Garros and 22 Grand Slam).

AS: At AS we also dedicate the cover of our printed edition this Monday to Rafa Nadal on a double page. The photo is for Nadal lifting the champion trophy together with the headline “Rafael XIV, the Sun King”, indicating that “Nadal conquers his 14th Roland Garros after beating Ruud 6-3, 6-3 and 6-0 in the final The Spaniard adds his 22nd Grand Slam, two more than Federer and Djokovic.” In addition, we collect Nadal’s statements after the match: “I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I will continue fighting. I never believed that he would be here at 36 years old being competitive”. In addition, we compiled in images Nadal’s 14 finals at Roland Garros with “Eight rivals in 14 titles in Paris”, noting that “Fedrere and Djokovic have succumbed in seven finals with Rafa in Paris”.

In addition, we carry the chronicle of Nadal’s victory with the headline “Nadal is eternal: 14 titles in Paris, 22 Grand Slam”, made by our colleague Nacho Albarrán from Paris, in addition to reviewing “Rafa Nadal’s legendary numbers in Roland Garros” and highlighting Nadal’s feat in “A career against the foot”, since despite suffering from Müller-Weiss syndrome in his left foot he has not stopped adding successes. Some successes that allow Nadal to establish himself as one of the great legends of sport at the height of great figures such as Tom Brady, Eddy Merckx, Usain Bolt or Michael Jordan among others