The WiZink Center will debut NBA lighting at the Real Madrid-Dallas Mavericks


The friendly match between Real Madrid and the Dallas Mavericks, which marks the return of Luka Doncic to the capital, will be played at the WiZink Center on October 10 (8:45 p.m.) for the 35th anniversary of the first matches of the American competition in Spain, and coinciding with the premiere of state-of-the-art sports lighting, unprecedented in Europe and based on criteria approved by the NBA, according to a statement.

The lighting manufacturer and supplier Ledvance has been in charge of designing and supplying this new lighting, already installed in the WiZink Center and which also meets all FIBA ​​requirements for any of its competitions, including the Euroleague and Liga Endesa.

According to the venue, the objective of this new lighting technology is, “in addition to providing the best vision to players and the public, to create a spectacular atmosphere, causing a direct approach to the court so that the game is the main protagonist.”

To this end, the old 124 500W power projectors that the WiZink Center had since 2014 have been replaced by 56 1280W FL Arena, in a module configuration with up to 224 various hyperfocused cannons in 66 quadrants into which it is divided. the court with trajectories and optics of 15 and 25 degrees that guarantee the total absence of glare for the players.

Ledvance has also included DMX regulation within this new system, which allows you to calibrate the light intensity and regulate the uniformity of the lighting, but also the programming of light play with off, on, sequential chains or any effect that contributes to the show. “These lighting innovations will make the WiZink Center become a model with respect to the rest of the venues in Europe by adopting the most spectacular lighting formats of the NBA,” he highlighted.

The general director of Ledvance Spain, Alfonso Canorea, sees this project as “a great step forward for all parties”, although it has represented “a really important and satisfactory challenge”. “We are very proud of the teamwork and professionalism with which the project has been executed, from the lighting design and delivery of the solution to the marking and subsequent technical work,” he said.

For his part, Manuel Saucedo, CEO of Impulsa Eventos e Instalaciones, management company of the WiZink Center, highlighted that “the agreement with Ledvance to turn the venue into a world reference in sports lighting, represents another step in the technological renewal of the WiZink Center “I also want to thank Ledvance for choosing our venue to continue developing its innovative lighting technologies.”

This installation allows the WiZink Center to become the first covered pavilion in the world to enjoy its revolutionary ‘Arena’ technology, “a lighting system aimed at enhancing the action of the real protagonists on the field and contributing to the sporting spectacle.”