The whole truth about the alleged boyfriend of Carmen Thyssen, Tita Cervera’s daughter

The daughters of Tita Thyssen They turned 18 last Saturday and everything points to the fact that they will not only inherit the cultural management carried out by their mother but also her popularity in the pages of the pink paper. And that is because Carmenthe most extroverted of the twins, has been caught in the company of a young man who is rumored to be something more than a friend. Her mother has anticipated the publication of these images in Wednesday’s magazines and has categorically denied it: “He’s not her boyfriend.”

This is what he conveyed to the program on Tuesday Together: “Tita assures us that the person who appears in the photos with her daughter Carmen is not her boyfriend, but a friend,” they say. It was last Saturday, during the celebration of her 18th birthday, when Carmen went sailing with a large group of friends along the Costa Brava, in Sant Feliu de Guixols. In addition to the boat ride, she also went on a jet ski trip, in which the young woman occupied the passenger seat to hand over the controls to a handsome young man, whom she hugged around the waist with confidence.

However, this is not the first time that Carmen has been involved in this situation. Last May, the Baroness celebrated her birthday at a lavish party attended by her daughter. She did not do it alone. The young woman brought a very elegantly dressed companion who caught the attention of those present and from whom she did not leave the party all night.

The Thyssen ‘heiress’

Carmen is destined to be Tita Thyssen’s heir. This is what her mother said in one of her last interviews: “The eldest wants to go to university. She is one of the best students at her school. She just studies, studies and studies. Sometimes I tell her to stop, but she tells me ‘Mom, I have a lot of exams today. Carmen is like my mother, serious.” She will study Business Administration and International Relations in Spain after ruling out Harvard University: “I have never told them what they have to do because I think they should be the ones to choose. You can advise them, of course, without forcing them. I would like them to dedicate themselves to managing the museums we have and Carmen is determined to do so,” she said.

A very different personality to that of her twin sister, Sabina: “She is more shy and introverted than her sister, she is passionate about the arts: she plays the piano, sings (she has been taking classes for years and has a soprano tone) and draws, so her education will continue along those lines. Probably not at university,” her mother revealed.