The Spanish women’s handball team produced a good version this Saturday to defeat Poland (32-25) on the second day of the XXIV International Tournament of Spain, which is being played in Madrid as a prelude to the World Cup.

After the debut on Friday with an overwhelming 35-15 to Slovakia, José Ignacio Prades’s team added a second more demanded victory at the King Felipe VI Pavilion in Boadilla del Monte. The ‘Warriors’ went from less to more, as it took them five minutes to score the first goal against the Poles.

Soledad López was the one who woke up a Spain that already counts the hours for the World Cup that it organizes, in four venues, and to which it arrives as the current runner-up. The ‘Guerreras’ took command with a 9-6 and Prades’ rotation worked to maintain dominance at halftime (16-14).

The passage through the changing rooms was good for Poland, but the goals of Cesáreo and Jénnifer Gutiérrez, on the contrary, returned the rhythm to the ‘Guerreras’. The Spanish team was able to run from the theft of the ball and the pressure on defense, with a great Silvia Arderius. Spain will play its third and final match against Germany this Sunday.

“We wanted to give continuity to yesterday’s feelings. Poland is a great team. We have maintained a good defensive tone, we have also raced. We have done it with criteria, with success, surpassing yesterday’s performance and taking the game forward. There is no simple rival if you are not at a high level, “said Prades in statements provided by RFEBM.




SPAIN: Silvia Navarro and Mercedes Castellanos in goal; Carmen Martín (4), Carmen Campos (3), Silvia Arderius (3), Eli Cesáreo (1), Laura Hernández, Jénnifer Gutiérrez (3), Maitane Etxeberria (1), Lara González, Soledad López (3), Kaba Gassama (2), Alicia Fernández, Almudena Rodríguez, Ainhoa ​​Hernández (1), Irene Espínola (6), Paula Arcos (1), Alexandrina Barbosa (4)

POLONIA: Barbara Zima, Adrianna Placzek and Monika Maliczkiewicz en portería; Aleksandra Zimny, Oktawia Plomicska (1), Monika Kobylicska (5), Magda Balsam (4), Marta Gega, Sylwia Matuszczyk (4), Adrianna Gorna (2), Magda Wieckowska, Barbara Zima, Aleksandra Rosiak (1), Natalia Nosek (3), Joanna Szarawaga (1), Kinga Achruk (2), Romana Roszak (1), Dagmara Nocuc (1).

–PARTIAL EVERY 5 MINUTES: 3-4, 7-6, 10-8, 13-9, 15-11 and 16-14 – break -, 19-17, 22-18, 23-19, 26- 21, 28-22 and 32-25.

– PAVILION: King Felipe VI.