Oier Olazábal will live this Sunday one of his most special encounters since he arrived at Espanyol a year ago. Holder this season in the Cup and substitute for Diego López in the League, he will try against Osasuna remain unbeaten and continue with the Blue and White idyll this season in this competition. “We are excited, we also play at home and against a Primera. It is a difficult game, it will be complicated, but we have options”, commented the Basque goal.

The debate in the goal does not exist indoors. Oier, in a very diplomatic way, settled it with the best possible argument. “Diego has experience and is doing well. And that depends on performance. We go first and fit little. I understand the situation of the goal,” Irún's commented in the press room. “The goal has drawbacks, but the important thing is the team. You have to look at the common goal, I want to feel useful and that's how I feel”, argument.

Espanyol Shield / Flag

Oier put in value his Cup matches after so much inactivity and in unfavorable circumstances. Against Llagostera, a game in which he saved a penalty, he played on “artificial grass”, while in Burgos the grass was “frozen”, but that did not prevent the goalkeeper from making up to three very worthwhile interventions with 0-1. And despite this, the goal remains unbeaten: “I hope I can keep it for some time. It also happened to Diego López. The cause is the team, because we are doing it well. It is not something we have to look at too much.”

The goalkeeper accepts his role and maintains a great relationship with the Galician captain (“we share extra-sports hobbies, we have a very good vibes. The coach is what decides“) and in this regard, he acknowledges that he listens to game music to motivate himself and over the years he has learned to know himself well, which helps him” motivate himself “.

Although he has not participated this season, Oier also keeps an eye on La Liga, where Espanyol remains firm and does not want to stop stepping on the accelerator. “Vicente does not allow us to relax. There is still a lot. The important thing is to win and it is very difficult to do so in as many games as we have achieved. You have to think about winning each game, “he said.


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