The United Kingdom closes a book in its history with the funeral of Isabel II and Carlos III faces a new stage as head of state. The figure of him, analyzed with a magnifying glass in the documentary Serving the Royalsbrings to light his obsessive hobbies. Paul Burrellformer butler of Princess Diana, does not cut a hair and goes into great detail about his strange routines.

after the documentary Serving the Royals: Inside the firm, a debate has been opened about the eccentricities of the new monarch. There are many manias that are reflected in the series. For example, Charles III he wants his pajama shirt to be ironed every day. She also irons his shoelaces. Even an assistant is in charge of putting on his shoes.

Toothpaste goes a long way. Neither touches it nor places it on top of the brush. The service does it for him. They should put 2.5 cm. of paste. The windows in your room remain open while you sleep (in both winter and summer). And the toilet has also given something to talk about. On his trips, Carlos has requested that they bring him his bed, his toilet lid and his toilet paper rolls. We continue in the bathroom, which is a world of routines: the bathtub must be filled with 18 cm. of water and the temperature at 20 degrees. The shower towel should be folded the way he likes it.

The food is also an object of analysis. The Cook Darren McGradyformer palace chef, has slipped that the son of Isabel II he always asks for a juice and two plums for breakfast (although many times he only eats one). What’s more, if he doesn’t see her plums, he demands them.