The unfortunate spectacle of Georgina Rodríguez and Leticia Sabater in a luxury restaurant that ends with a visit from the police

A celebration, a complaint and two police officers giving a warning to the party group. This is how the last evening of Georgina Rodriguez in La Finca, the luxurious Madrid urbanization in which Cristiano Ronaldo He keeps his house despite moving to the Arab Emirates two years ago. The one from Jaca went to the birthday of a close friend, who had booked a dinner at one of the exclusive restaurants in the area and hired Leticia Sabater to liven up the evening.

The artist, known for her cheeky lyrics and her double-diamond dances, went all out and gave it her all in a private performance in which she collected the latest hits of her career: La Salchipapa, Toma pepinazo, Mr. Policeman, Carve my turkey, G-Spot Barbecue… Gio’s group had a great time and joined the party to the surprise of the rest of the diners, who couldn’t believe what was happening. “They messed it up in a way that couldn’t be allowed, a quite expensive place where we usually go with the family”said one of the witnesses.

The repeated calls for attention to the group were ignored and the diners, uncomfortable, called the police, who showed up at the premises, according to journalist Javier de Hoyo in Not that we were shhh. Once there, the agents asked Sabater to interrupt the show until the restaurant was cleared to avoid a major confrontation. “The police had to come because they didn’t stop, I couldn’t imagine seeing Georgina like that, I’m less surprised about Leticia, but Georgina?”they stated.