Amaia Montero, who turned 47 on August 26, sparked great concern in October last year when he shared a very worrying-looking image on Instagram. As a result of this image, the former vocalist of La Oreja de Van Gogh was admitted to the Navarra University Clinic for about a month. In July, it was also revealed that the singer was admitted to the ICU of a Madrid hospital again. The latter, after the postoperative period of an intervention on her hand became complicated.

About a month ago, the artist reopened her social networks after a time away from Instagram. She did it to share an image of her with her sister Idiotyour great support in the most difficult moments.

This Wednesday, September 27, the interpreter of Rosas has reappeared with another very special photo for his followers. The singer poses nothing more and nothing less than a member of La Oreja de Van Gogh, the keyboardist Xabi San Martín. The snapshot is not only significant because it comes after these months marked by the composer’s worsening health, but because it appears with one of the members of the group that she left in 2007.

Throughout these years, rumors about a possible bad relationship between Montero and his former teammates have been a constant. It must be remembered that in 2020 a big stir arose after the new vocalist, Leire Martinez, signed albums belonging to the band’s first period. Amaia showed her anger publicly. Martínez, last year, gave some statements in this regard: “When the album is sold, it is the property of the person who buys it and that person decides who they want to sign it. There are certain albums that I don’t sign because I don’t want to generate bad vibes, but If the owner insists, go ahead.”