Prince Harry has no place to stay when he sets foot on British soil. This has been the case since he and his wife, Meghan Markle, activated the Megxit button in 2020. Then the dukes abandoned their duties as active members of the Royal House and moved to live in their mansion in Montecito (Los Angeles). This circumstance (not having a home in the United Kingdom) was formalized when the Sussexes had to vacate what was their last property, the bucolic Frogmore Cottage. An operation that became known in June of this year. Therefore, Harry’s accommodation when he flies to London brings nothing but headaches to the palace’s logistics. The last time was in September. He was alone, without Meghan.

Charles III and Camilla were then at Balmoral. It coincided with the first anniversary of the death of Isabel II, on September 8. Harry asked permission to occupy a room at Windsor Castle and was denied, as he publishes The country. The Kings invited him to spend the night at the Scottish residence, but for Harry it was unfeasible due to scheduling issues, since he was traveling to the capital of the Thames to attend the WellChild charity awards. Therefore, he declined his father’s invitation. In the end, he stayed in a hotel.

According to The TimesBuckingham informed him that for another time, if he wants to spend the night in a residence of the Royal Family, he must notify in advance and through a formal request.

We must remember how the Frogmore emptying operation was carried out. No one lived on the Windsor estate, but it had become a nightmare for Charles III. Harry’s devastating memories, In the shadow (Spare) They caused a change of course in the management of this mansion. So much so that the monarch activated the eviction operation. A gesture that was interpreted by the media as revenge. As reported by ITV News, Harry and Meghan packed up their belongings and officially left the mansion in June. This move took place three months after the sovereign gave that eviction order, detailed Page Six.