Caught up in this new landscape of fast news and unconfirmed rumors, the photos you posted Week of the living legend of Latin music and the former Enrique Ponce have served as a hanger to relaunch the media level of the relationship between dove caves y Luis Miguel. Hence, the desire to get on the bandwagon fueled a bizarre story told this week by the journalist Fabián Lavalle, in Ana Rosa’s program.

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According to his story, of which he said he had “the hair of the donkey in his hand”, to give more security and reliability to the subject, the Valencian bullfighter would have faced the Mexican singer during a dinner in a restaurant in Madrid. In addition, and always according to Lavalle, they got involved in a forced dialogue more typical of a soap opera than reality.

To make matters worse, in recent hours the presence of a Paloma Cuevas has been incorporated into the story, an alleged mediator who, in her supposed desire to calm things down, also took an insult from the right-hander. As spectators, “dozens of diners’ phones” attendees, who recorded the scene in astonishment, according to Lavalle. But, for the moment, neither images, nor witnesses, nor viral videos circulating through the networks that confirm such a story. Rare question, when it exists, they should already take over the networks. And it is simply that history is invented.

This medium has been able to confirm from very reliable sources that this scene never took place, that neither Luis Miguel met Enrique Ponce in any restaurant in the capital, nor did Paloma intervene, nor did the three of them ever share such a scene.

How is it possible that such an episode that never occurred could have even reached the media to be digested by an audience avid for news, whether true or not? The only certain thing is that, as we have been able to corroborate, Enrique Ponce did lead a confrontation with someone but it was not with Luis Miguel, nor was Paloma Cuevas in front.