the truth about his photos in Ibiza and his roadmap to get rich

A few months ago Angel Christ Junior lent itself to a perfectly programmed strategy to become a highly sought-after character and participate in Survivorsa participation that was advanced by Informalia. He had all the ingredients to be a cover celebrity, valued enough to make a living from it and to make famous anyone he touched with his wand, for example, his girlfriend. Ángel Cristo has a pedigree, mother, father, mother’s real lover and of course he has a godfather, that is, representative.

The tamer’s son decided to break his anonymity and sit on the set of Friday to earn money and something else: harshly attack his mother, Barbara Rey, supposedly for feeling “hurt and betrayed”, and telling his version of the meetings between the king emeritus and the star, of which, according to him, he was not only a witness but also the material author of the high-voltage photographic works. But the most important motivation of the son of the tamer who was called like him to drag his dignity and that of his mother around the sets was to get out of the economic drowning in which he was involved, that is, to earn a small fortune in the shortest possible time. . And he’s getting it.

In addition to the more than 150,000 euros that he has pocketed Thanks to the three interventions he has made in the program presented by Santi Acosta and Beatriz Archidona, his time in Survivors has brought him a sum of around euros 15,000 euros per week, which adds around an approximate income of another 150,000 eurosto which we should add the interviews of Ana Herminia, his girlfriend. But as soon as they set foot in Spain, Ángel Cristo Jr. and his girl made a stolen pose in Readings for which they have also charged a good handful of euros.

And when we talk about posed or stolen, it is with knowledge of the facts. Because the curious thing about the matter is that the person behind those images is neither more nor less than his own representative. We are talking about the person who negotiates their interviews on television and in magazines, the same person who has organized the report and marketed those photographs.

The son of Bárbara Rey and the most important lion tamer that Spain has ever had has a luxury representative: Alvaro García-Pelayobrother of Paloma García Pelayohusband of Sandra Aladro and owner of an important production company and the Gtres news and paparazzi agency. That agency has been in charge of making the report that was published this week about Ángel Cristo and Ana Herminia in Ibiza. That is, everything stays at home. They pose, he takes the photos, they sell them and everyone wins. Ángela Portero, García Pelayo’s ex, will comment on it in DeViernes, Paloma García Pelayo on Antena 3 and Sandra Aladro in the other Telecinco programs. They tell us that the photos have not been cheap and that they will not be the last.

Ángel and Ana Herminia have already confirmed that they are planning a new wedding in Spain. Of course, there will be exclusive and it is already placed. And the objective is clear: earn money to be able to live. Ángel Cristo has had a very bad time in recent years and has found the solution on TV, even if it means the destruction of his mother. It’s not that he has very thin skin or is reluctant to sell little things about his life.

Ángel Cristo Jr knows that he is in his moment and he doesn’t want to waste it. He is willing to do anything that generates income. He is going to let himself be advised by the person who is bringing him his presence in the media and is going to squeeze it until his life and what surrounds him arouses interest and if he does not awaken interest, new plots will be manufactured or promoted. The following is written: he will continue to punish his mother and attack her as well as his sister because that guarantees him a seat on the television sets, then he will get married and who knows if more members will come to what was once a great circus family. That would be priced very high. With this he would ensure another considerable income.