Just two weeks after the sad death of Maria Teresa Camposthe one who was like a son to her entered the house of VIP Big Brother to participate as a contestant. The driver’s entrance Gustavo to the house of Guadalix de la Sierra has generated great controversy over what the Campos sisters will think.

Terelu Camposwho is still mourning the death of the veteran communicator, said after being asked about it by fellow reporters: “You will understand that I am not going to talk. If you talk to me about it, I will get in the car. I am affected because she has died. my mother, my mother.”

Regarding how they are dealing with the loss of their mother, Terelu added: “We are dealing with it as best we can.” The funeral in Malaga was held last week and the ceremony in Madrid was scheduled for this Tuesday. However, it has had to be delayed due to certain logistical problems: “We are working on it. We have a mess with the funeral. We want a series of things and it is very complicated. We hope to close the date for next week,” stated the sister of Carmen Borrego.

Gustavo’s entry to ‘GH VIP’

The last few months have been marked by accusations of being a mole towards Gustavo on television sets. An accusation that was flatly denied by the driver, who was very hurt by Borrego and Terelu for their distrust and lack of support towards him at certain times. At[person]’s house Big Brother He has assured that he spoke with the sisters after the funeral of the great communicator to inform them of his signing for the Telecinco reality show. Alejandra Rubio At first he denied it on behalf of his mother and his aunt, although this Monday he clarified his words on Telecinco: “That call occurs. The call is for another reason. And they tell him that ‘Hey, since you come in, come to the final'”.