A packed-out crowd watches the beginning of a Colts matchup at home in Indianapolis 

The Indianapolis Colts are currently enjoying the beginning of their offseason period following a disappointing defeat by the Buffalo Bills in the AFC playoffs, their first Wild Card loss in over 8 years.

As the team’s quarterback, Phillip Rivers, recently announced his retirement, the Colts must take this time to search for an impressive replacement. Below we’ll take a look at the top options the Colts should be analyzing leading up to the NFL draft.

Draft Mac Jones from Alabama

Mac Jones of Alabama is looking to be one of, if not the, most desirable options from the pool of possibilities. Jones, who just led his team to Crimson’s 18th college football championship in mid-January, has proven himself worthy. With great knowledge of the game and elite decision-making skills, the quarterback may have himself a bright future in the big leagues with the Colts.

One thing’s for certain: fans in Indianapolis are eager to see a leader step up to the plate and take their team past the mere playoffs and into the Super Bowl next season. Phillip Rivers just didn’t deliver what fans were hoping for, and Jones’ fresh talent lights a new spark of hope for the organization. Especially since some of the most popular online sportsbooks are available in the state and users can now pick out of 13 websites targeting Indiana players, Jones’ addition to the Colts could mean more Indianapolis football fandom than ever before.

Draft Mac Jones from Alabama

This year’s NFL draft will commence on Thursday, April 29th and finalize on Saturday, May 1st 

Trade Matthew Stafford from Detroit

Matthew Stafford has a lot to potentially offer the Colts in 2021. There have been rumors of the Detroit quarterback being replaced by a younger athlete coming out of college or even a veteran player like Ryan Fitzpatrick or A.J. McCarron. As the Lions consider letting go of Stafford, the Colts have their eye on him as a potential trade option. 

The 32-year-old player has some serious value to add to the Indianapolis defensive line as he is known for his football intelligence and smart play moves, both aspects of gameplay the Colts have often lacked in other quarterbacks. 

Not to mention the athlete has been known to lean towards a plant-based diet, adopting some vegan principles into his daily meal intake which keeps him fit and in shape like other world renowned sports stars Alex Morgan and Chris Paul. Stafford is constantly demonstrating his elite work ethic, whether on the practice field or under the big lights of the stadium. He’s been described as a difference maker and leader by management and coaches, both qualities the Colts desperately need to take them to another Super Bowl appearance. After all, their last Championship victory in 2007 was largely due to quarterback Peyton Manning’s leadership abilities. 

Trade Matt Ryan from Atlanta

Another option for the Colts would be to trade veteran quarterback Matt Ryan from the Atlanta Falcons. However, fans are concerned that Ryan might be snatched up by the several other organizations that are currently vying for him. Some of these include the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears, and New England Patriots. 

With the offseason in full swing, Colts management is looking to fill their roster with a talented, experienced athlete that can really make a difference. That’s why 39-year-old powerhouse Matt Ryan is an attractive option. 

More than anyone on the list, Ryan has proven his worth as an extremely gifted football player throughout his 12-year NFL career. He’s thrown for over 54,800 passing yards, beating former Colt’s quarterback Peyton Manning’s record. He also comes in behind Hall of Famer Norm Van Brocklin for most passing yards completed in one professional game. With these stats it’s clear that a Matt Ryan trade could mean a Super Bowl appearance and win for the Colts in the upcoming season. 


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