I assume that I am quite skeptical about the agreements that are established with the quarry clubs. From there, the agreement between the Athletic and the Antiguoko is a positive management of Ibaigane. It is good that it strengthens ties with all the surrounding teams and that it takes care of relations, especially with an important quarry such as that of the San Sebastian team, but up to there.

The importance is relative. If a kid from Antiguoko wants to go to Real society will end in Zubieta Because every footballer owns his future, especially at such young ages. Explained it Edorta Salegi, its president, MD: “Some think that we are now a Biscayan club. Our players are from the Real, they will continue going to Anoeta and they will be the ones to decide what to do with their future. This does not imply that now everyone is going to Athletic by decree law ”.

He Athletic You must aspire to have the best Basque footballers in your ranks. It has reached a point where it is no longer possible to sign them at 25 or 26 years old because it is not enough. Not even with 20 or 21. So their obligation is to have the majority of Basque club youth controlled and be an attractive club to bet on Lezama.

I understand that the fans of Gipuzkoa and the Real bother because this is soccer and passion is on the surface. I understand that the txuri urdin entity does not do any grace to lose the connection with a quarry as prolific as that of the Antiguoko. But I do not understand the brief statements issued by many Gipuzkoan clubs assuring that their principles are not for sale. I find them ridiculous and look like they come from above. As if the Real did not have agreements with teams outside their province. He even kept one with him Sands that they hid for months. The matter is getting out of hand. Neither excessive medals of one nor an absolute drama for the others.