The tense discussion between Urdangarin and the Infanta Cristina for the 200,000 euros in the Nóos case: how much does each one keep?

This Tuesday, the Provincial Court of Palma ordered the Balearic Government the return of 201,000 euros that infanta christina and her husband overpaid for civil liability in the Nóos case, for which Iñaki Urdangarin he was in prison.

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It turned out that the distribution of the money had to be done in this way: 132,695 euros for the former handball player and 68,479 euros for the daughter of the King Juan Carlos.

However, Urdangarin did not agree that his wife was entitled to that amount, since she was declared “guilty” for profit and wanted them for himself, according to his account. Confidential Monarchy. However, the Provincial Court has rejected the attempts of the former Duke of Palma to pocket that money.

The aforementioned medium ensures that The still married couple had a tense telephone discussion in which the princess demanded that Iñaki want to appropriate all the money. The dispute was heating up and the sister of Felipe VI Her husband would have blamed her for the fact that she was the one who took care of their children when he was in prison and that throughout this time she has shown her support, even when her family was against her. It should be remembered that this year her lives have taken a radical turn. Urdangarin maintains a relationship, each day more consolidated and visible to all, with Ainhoa ​​Armentia while your divorce is being resolved, if any.