The technicians join and ask LaLiga to be more lax to be able to make harangues

Coaches First and Second division have requested LaLiga changes in the action protocol in the stadiums through a document that they have sent to the Higher Sports Council. The telematic meeting that the coaches held yesterday with the RFEF Technical Committee of Coaches served so that the technicians not only expressed their discomfort over part of the LaLiga protocol on performance in the stadiums but also reached almost unanimous agreements to propose new measures that favor their work without affecting safety. The document has been signed by 40 of the 41 coaches, only the Cádiz coach has not joined the initiative, while Elche was left out of the meeting as they did not yet have a coach.

The technicians do not understand that the players have to change in a hotel room, travel changed in the coach and that they arrive 45 minutes before the game to the changing room, without the possibility of performing the treatment ritual with the physiotherapists and the usual talks before the matches. The coaches believe that the protection bubbles are identical in the hotel as in the changing rooms and that the arrival time at the stadiums can be extended to the usual hour and a half so that the work of the technicians is correct, being able to change the players in the stadium. same wardrobe.

Nor do the coaches want to admit the limitation of access to the dressing room in the half to the 11 players who have played the first half. The technicians consider that in the harangues of the half part they should be able to address all those summoned, not only the eleven who have chosen to start the match, because that talk can be crucial in the second half and because at that time it may not have the changes decided. It is crucial in the management of a game to be able to address all your players because games are also won from the bench.

They are important changes in the protocol approved in their day by LaLiga and that directly affect their work as coaches. After their experience in the final stretch of last season, the coaches believe that these aspects can be relaxed because the changes will not affect the safety of the group and will allow the coaches to develop their work.

Almost all the First and Second technicians attended the telematic call, including Ronald Koeman and Zinedine Zidane. Was not present Diego Simeone, who has signed the document. Technicians believe that current protocols greatly limit their work and that can be detrimental to the success of their teams.