Friends and family have surrendered his last goodbye to Pablo Milanés This Wednesday, November 23, at the Casa de América, in Madrid, where the funeral chapel has been installed. “He was a machine for making perfect songs,” his friend, singer-songwriter, told the media. Fito Páez.

an excited massiel He could not hold back his tears when he arrived at the gates of the Palacio de Linares, in front of the Madrid City Council headquarters. “Pablo was so human, like a little ball of love and sensitivity. Silvio Rodríguez marked the distances more, but Pablo was like something you wanted to caress and touch all the time,” she slipped.

He has bid farewell to the Cuban singer-songwriter, the Uruguayan composer and singer Jorge Drexlerhusband of Leonor Watling, who has described Milanés as “the great teacher of the song in Spanish and the best singer (…) To all of us who dedicate ourselves to writing songs in Spanish and singing in Spanish, it is a very sad day “, he lamented.

They have also passed through the Casa de América Caco Senantethe musician’s widow Luis Eduardo Aute, Pink Maritchuwho was on the arm of Pastora Vega (bottom photo); Y Juan Echanove. The actor has stressed that “a great friend has died.” Although the news of his death did not surprise him, he always thought that he would manage to overcome the disease. “He had been fighting a series of diseases for a long time … he was an excellent person, I am very sorry,” he said excitedly.

The Minister of Culture and Sport, Miguel IcetaDuring his visit to the funeral chapel of the Cuban singer-songwriter, he underlined: “We are losing a very important piece… we have been moved by his vindictive songs and also by his most romantic songs. He is a man who worked in the Cuban son and who He transferred it to the world. Today we are all a little sadder, but his music will remain”. In the bottom image, Cristina Almeida and Fito Paez.

A guitar, a photograph and numerous flower crowns have accompanied the coffin of the founding artist and architect of the so-called Nueva Trova. The family spokesman has advanced that Milanés will be buried in Madrid in the strictest privacy, for which he has not revealed the exact place, while a possible tribute in Cuba has been left up in the air. The interpreter died on Tuesday the 22nd in the capital after being hospitalized for an oncohematological disease.