The European Super League has responded to the European Parliament and it has been ratified that UEFA operates as a monopoly from Switzerland. “There is an essential issue that, however, has not been addressed by the European Parliament today. It is the need to ensure that all actors involved in the sport sector of the European Union respect its fundamental values. and legal framework, submitting to the jurisdiction of its Courts and Tribunals – in particular in matters of competition law. In no area of ​​activity of the European Union would be permissible actions such as those of UEFA -based in Switzerland, outside the Union-, which acts under a monopoly regime as the sole regulator and organizer of European competitions, blocking any initiatives of third parties that compete with its monopoly. “

For Anas Laghrari and John Hahn, promoters of the European Super League, “European sport, and football in particular, urgently needs protection against the abuses that have been committed by a series of actors outside the European Union, who pursue unrelated interests with sport and use football clubs as a platform for their own interests, breaching financial fair play and damaging the sustainability of traditional football. ” “The main objective of the Superliga is precisely to protect European football against such abuses, ensuring strict compliance with financial fair play, guaranteeing the financial sustainability of the clubs and establishing a transparent and effective governance system for the clubs, and not for the benefit of third parties outside the European Union, whether or not they are States, that use the football for other purposes. “

The Luxembourg Court will have to decide, already next year, on the preliminary ruling from Spain and in which he is asked to pronounce on whether UEFA has a dominant position, something that European law rejects of competition that prevent any type of monopoly in any activity.

In this regard, the Super League emphasizes its conviction that “the European courts and, in particular, the Court of Justice of the European Union, will protect the application of Union regulations, a regulation that the Super League fully respects, and we celebrate that the The European Parliament has also decided in its session today to focus its attention on protecting the sustainability of football in the Union, currently under threat, which has always been the central objective of the Super League. ” “We are at the disposal of the European Parliament and the institutions of the European Union to work together to achieve these objectives. We also remain available to the various football players to engage in a constructive dialogue in order to address the above issues and find the best solutions for European football as a whole. “