The Super League welcomes “with satisfaction” the report of the EU lawyer


The European Leagues welcomed with “satisfaction” this Thursday the conclusions of the General Advocate of the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) in the matter of the European Super League, since they see positive that the principles of the sports pyramid model are confirmed and the opening of the competitions.

“The European Leagues praise the confirmation of the existing jurisprudence that protects the fundamental principles of the sports pyramid model, such as the opening of competitions and the qualification for international competitions through the annual sports merits of the national leagues,” they pointed out in a statement. release.

However, in this report by the EU lawyer it is indicated that the Super League could be created and exist “independently” of the UEFA and FIFA ecosystem, but it also indicates that it could not continue to participate in football competitions organized by FIFA and UEFA, such as the Champions League, without the prior authorization of said federations.

“Although the conclusions published today are not binding, the European Leagues are confident that the judges of the Court of Justice of the EU will follow them when they deliver their final verdict in the coming months,” the European Leagues statement said.

In it they assure that they support the current sports pyramid model, which guarantees solidarity between professional football and grassroots football. “The positive development of professional club football depends on the coexistence and balance between national leagues and European club competitions,” they recalled.