Plans to create a European Super League outside of UEFA continue. The last detail was offered Der sppiegel, which confirmed that the project works hand in hand with a London-based company dedicated to marketing and public relations. Flint, which is what the company is called, would be preparing a document whose sketch would have clues and which would even have a title: “Paving the way to the Super League: strategies for rebuilding, restarting and winning.”

According to the German media, the strategy will be “bomb-proof” against the current UEFA model, which they consider abusive and monopoly. The matter has led to a legal dispute that is currently in the Luxembourg Court. The Super League, with the protection of the commercial court number 17 of Madrid, managed to stop the sanctioning file of UEFA against Madrid, Barça and Juventus, and it will be the European courts, with jurisprudence also in Switzerland, those that determine if it is legal to be able to create a tournament outside of UEFA.

Meanwhile, from the Super League they trust that all their arguments will have the support of the court. What's more, they remember that all the teams, the 12 founders, are still in the project, despite the fact that nine of them backed down and agreed to rejoin UEFA and the ECA (European Club Association) again.

Last week, taking advantage of the Champions League draw in Istanbul, the ECA met for the first time since the repentants were readmitted. None of them is part of the board of directors, of course, chaired by Nasser Al-Khelïfi after the departure of Andrea Agnelli because of the Super League. In Geneva, at the next club meeting, there may be news in this regard, always with the ghost of the Super League in the air.