Seeing Iván Calero run is very good news for Málaga. The Madrid right-back was injured on matchday 12 against Almería, after an unfortunate clash with Sadiq. The medical report was devastating: a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee and a small tear in the anterior meniscus in the same knee. One of the most serious injuries a footballer can suffer. That December 13, 2020, the season was over for this formidable right-back.

Far from collapsing, Ivan got down to work. Without haste, with patience and with great perseverance and determination, he got down to work after being operated on at the CEMTRO clinic in Madrid by the prestigious team led by Dr. Laws. Now he was starting a race to become the best signing of the next season. LaLiga authorized to replace his file with that of Venezuelan Alexander González. Until this moment, Calero had played 19 games, 1,369 minutes and scored one goal. His performance was being very good.

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Calero arrived at Málaga from Numancia, free, and with a contract until June 30, 2023. He's running again and he looks pretty good. He has become a fighting partner of Pablo Chavarría, who is recovering from a similar injury, and Stefan Scepovic, who suffered it two seasons ago and they are giving them a lot of encouragement.

For next season, Málaga can count on an interesting cast of right-backs. In addition to Iván Calero, there are Alexander González, Ismael Casas and Ale Benítez. The sun rises for Iván Calero.

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