The whole world is aware of the mental and emotional health of Alejandro Sanz, who on May 27 set off all the alarms with a message posted on his social networks: “I’m not well. I don’t know if this is of any use but I want to say it. I’m sad and tired. I’m working to make it go away” . Three days later, he thanked the signs of support and qualified: “I had a strong outbreak this weekend and although the light has not yet finished arriving, it seems that a firefly has woken up in my chest.”

The interpreter of Broken heart He surprised not only his followers with such statements but also dozens of friends who quickly took an interest in his status. And the question was not long in coming up: what has happened to Alejandro Sanz, one of the most beloved and award-winning figures in the history of music, to make him feel like this? His ex, Raquel Perera, commented: “I think it is a temporary and fleeting moment. Alejandro is tired, which is a feeling that happens to all of us. He has been on tour for many months giving everything and I think it is normal that he suddenly feels tired and when you’re on stage with a lot of applause and a lot of success… When you suddenly come to rest for four or five days, all that goes down.”

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But there is something else: a complicated situation that the artist has been dragging for seven years due to the betrayal of someone he considered a friend and from which he has not yet recovered. in 2017 and during a tax inspection, Alejandro Sanz discovered a series of irregularities in their bank accounts, managed at that time by an administrator, brother of Rosa Lagarrigue, who was his representative (with whom he later ended up in court). The hole in question was not small: 15 million euros, of which the Treasury claims a part, another is claimed by a Miami company. Sanz had to sell two houses (one in Miami and the other in La Finca, in Madrid) to begin to cover said debt, which he has not yet fully repaid.

Some media say these days that this situation could have led Alejandro to bankruptcy and that depressive state that he has manifested publicly. Others, however, call for calm: “This is not from now and of course he is not ruined, but obviously it weighs on him,” they have assured in YAS.

Of trials with Rosa Lagarrigue

And that’s not all. Sanz also has an open judicial process against Rosa Lagarrigue, who was his representative and sister of the administrator who led him to such economic problems. The singer broke ties with both and she sued him for breach of contract. In 2019, the Court of First Instance agreed with her and sentenced the author of The soul to air to compensate her with €5.4 million. She appealed and the case is still in court.