Raphael Bitter He is already back in Madrid, after his arrest in Alicante last Thursday. After spending several hours at the police station, where he was treated correctly, the judge ordered his provisional release without bail, although he must appear every 15 days in court. The 48-year-old bailaor is once again accused of drug trafficking, the same charge for which he was previously prosecuted.

The trial for that previous cause will be seen next June. This involvement has cost him his passport, the prohibition to leave Spain and, according to the man from Granada, the loss of several important work contracts, since he has not been able to travel to Turkey or India, where he had an appointment with a Flamenco Festival and a movie, respectively.

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This latest arrest is apparently riddled with irregularities. They tell us that Alicante was not the jurisdiction of the agents who arrested him. Other anomalies have also been seen and data that is not true has appeared in the press. It has been published that Amargo was approached by the police in the street, after performing in a restaurant in Alicante, where he had a contract to dance every Thursday night, for 200 euros.

But the truth is that the agents were waiting for him at the Alicante station, without any warrant, and that when he approached him, one of them said: “I have already arrested you before, don’t you remember me?” He told him, while they recorded his arrest, something that, according to sources from the bailaor’s defense, “is not legal”. “And you get in the car by hook or by crook,” the agent allegedly added.

Bitter took these manners badly and turned abruptly against the agent, for which he has also been accused of attacking authority, a term that his defenders consider “exaggerated.”

On the other hand, his girlfriend, Luciana, arrived in Alicante on a bus and the police were also waiting for her, who searched her and forced her to open her suitcases in front of the other passengers, scattering underwear and other belongings on the floor. She was not arrested or charged with any charges.

This last episode is related to the complaint from the owner of the Madrid apartment where the artist lived. They tell us that he demands that the bailaor buy his house, since his contract was for rent with an option to buy. But the economic situation of the tenant does not allow him to pay a high amount to buy the apartment. This situation has supposedly been what has led to the complaints from the owner, in which he assures that drugs were trafficked in that house and Rafael Amargo was the head of that plot.

In the episode, the detainee’s mobile phone disappeared and the police say they know nothing about the device. In a few days, when the file arrives from Alicante to Madrid, Amargo and his lawyer, Jaime Caballero, will give a press conference, giving their version of what happened. Sources consulted by this digital do not rule out that the main reason for the arrest in Alicante has to do with that mobile phone that has “disappeared” and that the police say they do not have. Maybe someone is reviewing the content.