Just imagine. They get a grip from the strong ones, the real ones (it has happened to all of us), the kind that forces you to find a bathroom wherever and however it is. The need clouds your sight and any other sense, but when you leave, relieved, the senses are reactivated and there it is: the news. That happened just a few months ago to Andrés Onrubia, a correspondent for Cadena SER and AS in France. The ‘squeeze’ led him to the bar where Leonardo, PSG sports director, and René Ramos, Sergio Ramos’ brother and agent, were meeting. in full uncertainty to elucidate where the central would play after announcing his departure from Real Madrid. This is how Andrés Onrubia told it yesterday on the microphones of El Larguero: “I was going to PSG training when I got a squeeze, let’s be clear, and I had to go to the bathroom. In front of the training center there is a luxury restaurant, I couldn’t take it anymore and went to the bathroom, when suddenly I found Leonardo and René Ramos at a table, whom I recognized when I came out of the bathroom. That was how I came across this news “, confesses the correspondent in Paris.

Álvaro de Grado has been informed about English football for five years. This time has given rise to numerous anecdotes, but perhaps one of the most surprising is the one that, like Onrubia, lived in a restaurant. In this case, a gap in Mikel Arteta’s forehead led him to the news: “Four years ago, at a dinner party, I found news on my face. I was with some friends in the center of Manchester, after the derby between Guardiola and Mourinho, a hot duel in Pep’s first League. City won at Old Trafford, but then in the locker room there was a fight, with a clean punch with Lukaku and Ederson as protagonists. What happened is that in the restaurant we saw Mikel Arteta (for that moment second to Guardiola), who came to greet us, but with a gap on his forehead. We come across history like this because Manchester has that advantage that being small you find stories like this in front of you. “

But anecdotes are not always so productive or so funny. Quite the contrary. Sometimes there are pleasant surprises and sometimes unpleasant ones. The Ballon d’Or is the great event, but a silly setback can cloud your day. On this occasion Onrubia was the victim of the vicissitudes of displacement, rush and confusion. The doors of the Paris metro ended up with his laptop: “On the day of the Ballon d’Or I went to cover it so happy and in Paris there are metro doors that open automatically. I had the backpack next to the door, then they closed and collided with my backpack and when I got home I found the computer broken. “