The comeback It will not be consummated if this afternoon (7:00 p.m.) beat Granada, but it is sown to reap and the Barça hopes to make effective today the four month job and become the new leader of LaLiga (follow the game live on The contender for the first place has earned 57 points of the last 66 that he has had within reach (51 of 60, plus the first two days postponed against Elche and Athletic who already played in 2021). Along the way, he has barely Dyed a bad storm in ValdebebaYes, but Koeman does not want to go in now to collect with the tractors at full speed and load the harvest. So the premise is humility and, above all, the respect a rival who has paraded his “eternal struggle” slogan all over Europe this season.

They are troubled days for him Grenade. After the glory of strolling through Eindhoven, Old Trafford or San Paolo, the end of the year has brought him the dismissal by Antonio Fernández Monterrubio, CEO and key piece in the construction of the bunker he has led Diego Martinez and that has made Granada one of the closer families of Spanish football. Granada speaks of his departure and the assumption of power by Patricia Rodríguez. But those are offices and not grass. There Diego sends, which ends contract and has postponed its continuity. His work is already in history, but the enormous amount of physical and health problems that he has suffered prevents him from developing his work better.

Koeman it turns his head. His Barça ended tired on Villarreal, with players, like Pedri, to the limit. But you don't have much to choose from either. Maybe it's time to to explore the limits of their footballers. In command of operations, Messi, who has only scored in one of the last four games but takes 18 in LaLiga since started 2021. From that burned earth that was the burofax to this fertile spring Barça they have passed eight months. The month of the harvest begins and it is better to be a leader when before.