the spontaneous comment he said to Leonor during his speech at the Royal Palace

The Princess Eleanor and the Infanta Sofia They intervened by surprise during the tenth anniversary of the proclamation of Felipe VI. During the toast at the Royal Palace, with great naturalness and spontaneity, the Princess of Asturias and Infanta Sofía made an emotional speech, which put the monarch on the verge of pouting and crying.

Four days after the great act of Felipe VI, the comment that Infanta Sofía made to Princess Leonor at one point in the speech has come to light. “What a mess“, the little daughter of Felipe VI and Doña Letizia whispered in her ear to the heir to the throne, as stated this Saturday The Spanish.

This friendly and natural expression of Sofía came when Leonor asked the guests to join in making a toast in honor of the Kings. “Now I would like you to join us in a toast to our mother and father, to our kings“, said Princess Leonor at the end of the speech.

The speech of Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía

During the toast at the Royal Palace, the heir to the throne and her sister left their seats and met again in a central point of the Gala dining room. Immediately afterwards, Leonor picked up a mobile phone and exclaimed: “Mom, dad, Majesties“Immediately, Sofia took over from her sister.”Sorry for sneaking in, but we have something to say too. Thank you for joining us to remember that in these ten years we have learned from our parents what commitment is. that the four of us have with all Spaniards,” said Sofía.

For her part, Princess Leonor noted: “Now I would like you to join us in a toast to our mother and father, for our Kings. Because Since we were born we have been taught the value of this institution, of the Crown, its usefulness for our society and its purpose of serving everyone.“.