Juan Luis Cano He is one of the most recognized comedians, communicators, etc. in our country. As part of Foam he left several decades of huge spaces on radio and television that placed him as one of the references of humor in our country.

He is also a fervent fan of
Atlético de Madrid
as everybody knows. That is why he hardly ever bites his tongue, and whenever he can, he pulls on that fine sense of humor and irony that characterizes him.

As an example, one of his latest messages on social networks, which mixes two of the current affairs of the Athletic. On the one hand, the controversial celebration of Joao Felix at Villarreal, on which many interpretations have been given regarding who was addressed.

On the other hand, the surprising statement of Velasco Carballo, responsible for Referees Technical Committee, who has pointed out that for him, the action that From Burgos Bengoechea interpreted as yellow in a cast between Lemar Y Capoue in The ceramic, it really should have been red.

The person in charge of the referees, after saying that they do not get involved in the decisions, in fact got in to run in a sense. And all on the eve of the derby. It surprises many that, an organism whose statements are counted throughout the season, thus manifests itself in the previous duel between the Athletic and the Real Madrid that can mark the denouement of the title fight.

And that's when we go back to John
Spout, who reflected wryly if what he said Joao Felix in Villarreal (He said “shut up the fucking mouth carallo”), it would not be “Shut up the fucking mouth, Carballo! ”, Playing with the inopportune reflection of the head of the referees.