The Spanish adapted cycling team has performed brilliantly in the first edition of the Valencia European Paracycling Cup, in which each of the national representatives has won their classes, both in the online and time trial events.

Ricardo Ten (MC1), Maurice Eckhard (MC2) and Juan Alberto Jiménez (MC4), in the bicycle category; Gonzalo García Abella (MT1), on a tricycle; Sergio Garrote (MH2) and Luis Miguel García Marquina (MH3), on handbikes; and Joan Sansó-Fran Rus García, in tandem, took the victory both on Saturday in the day dedicated to the online tests and on the Sunday day dedicated to the time trials.

Next week, the team will compete again in the Extremadura European Paracycling Cup, which will be held in Casar de Cáceres, where the online tests will be held on Saturday; and Cáceres, which will host the events against the clock on Sunday.