The Spanish coach Ricardo Íñiguez is the new Libyan futsal coach after reaching an agreement with the federation to hold the position for the next two seasons, with the experience gained in the past in the Equatorial Guinea national team.

Íñiguez, who was part of the Levante UDFS coaching staff as assistant coach, now accepts the challenge of leading the Libyan team for the next two seasons. He also led UPV-Maristas in the 2nd division in the past and promoted Peñíscola to the highest division of national futsal.

At the international level, the Valencian was the coach of Equatorial Guinea for two seasons, which is why he knows international futsal and the competitions between teams at the African level.

“This opportunity is much more than a challenge, because directing a national team such as Libya is a responsibility in order to recover the country’s hegemony on the continent,” he commented.

The Libyan team was the African champion and participated in futsal World Cups, so Íñiguez’s challenge is to recover that level. “Now we want to return the country to the position it deserves,” he said.