The Spanish point guard Juan Núñez, present on the list of right of first refusal to return to the Endesa League


Point guard Juan Núñez is the big news on the right of first refusal list that the ACB made public this Tuesday, which also includes names such as the best young player in the League, Jean Montero, or interior players Matt Costello or Ethan Happ .

The Spanish international was registered with the right of first refusal by Real Madrid in 2022, after leaving for Ratiopharm Ulm where he has played for the last two seasons. The point guard’s intention could be to return to the ACB league, wearing the FC Barcelona shirt, which would have closed an agreement with him, while waiting to participate in the NBA ‘Draft’ this Thursday.

Starting this Tuesday, the Barça team has 13 calendar days to present an offer to sign the point guard, and the white team has the possibility of matching it, forcing Barça to pay to acquire his rights, or be left without the player if they decide. Do not negotiate with the Madridistas.

Other notable names in the Endesa League are in the same situation, such as Jean Montero, a player who has been chosen as the best young player in the league for the second consecutive year, and who has averaged 15.7 points and a PIR of 20 per game with Morabanc Andorra. . The Dominican has been registered by Dreamland Gran Canaria, which loaned the Andorran team abroad for this season.

Starting this Tuesday, the Valencian entity has 13 days to present an offer, which the Canary Islands club can match and retain the player’s rights in the ACB. In the same situation are other of the players wanted by the team from the city of Turia, also in the Claretian team, the interior Ethan Happ, or the one from Baskonia, Matt Costello.

The North American power forward of BAXI Manresa Devin Robinson also appears on the list, as well as the internationals with Spain Sergi García, at Río Breogán last season, and Yankuba Sima, at Unicaja. Center Aday Mara, who played at UCLA last year, is also registered with Casademont Zaragoza, which has the rights to him in Spain.

Finally, the presence of the Baskonia point guard in the 2022-2023 campaign, Darius Thompson, who played last season for the Turkish Anadolu Efes, also stands out. This decision by the Vitorian team does not imply the possibility of him returning to the league, simply that they want to take over his rights in case at some point a Spanish team wants to sign him.

The complete list of 16 registered players is: Aday Mara (Casademont Zaragoza), Anthony Polite (Río Breogán), Darius Thompson (Baskonia), Devin Robinson (BAXI Manresa), Ethan Happ (Dreamland Gran Canaria), Finn Delany (Casademont Zaragoza) , Jean Montero (Dreamland Gran Canaria), Marin Maric (MoraBanc Andorra), Mark Smith (Casademont Zaragoza), Martinas Geben (BAXI Manresa), Matas Jogela (Río Breogán), Matt Costello (Baskonia), Sergi García (Río Breogán), Sidy Cissoko (Baskonia), Vanja Marinkovic (Baskonia) and Yankuba Sima (Unicaja).

In addition, Juan Núñez (Real Madrid) and Mindaugas Kuzminskas (Unicaja) have communicated their intention to return to ACB competitions.