The Spanish men’s and women’s kata teams have achieved this Saturday the pass to the final of their respective categories in the Karate World Cup, which is being held in Dubai, and both will reissue the fight for the gold they held with Japan in the World Cup. Madrid 2018.

In the female category, Lidia Rodríguez, Raquel Roy and María López Pintado will try to hang the gold medal against the same rival that prevented them three years ago in Madrid, Japan, who aspires to their third consecutive World Cup win.

The Japanese dominated their group with a score of 26.28 with the kata ‘Gojushiho Sho’, while the Spanish team did the same with 26.26 points thanks to the kata ‘Anan Dai’.

Meanwhile, Sergio Galán, Alejandro Manzana and Raúl Martín aspire to repeat the crown that Spain already achieved in 2014. With a score of 25.92 and the kata ‘Chatanyara Kushanku’ they finished first in their group.

Now, they will face their ‘executioner’ of 2018, champion in the last three editions of the World Cup tournament, in a final in which only Galán repeats.

In this way, Spain guarantees at least five medals in Dubai, since this Saturday María Torres, in kumite, and the Olympians Sandra Sánchez and Damián Quintero, in individual kata, will fight for gold in their respective finals. Additionally, Babacar Seck will fight for bronze in men’s kumite.