Xavier Puig: “The players need to play football and not be compromised or immersed in this dark cloud”


The FC Barcelona director in charge of Barça Women, Blaugranas attended the Valencia concentration accompanied by a manager and the general manager of women’s football.

“This is a problem that does not come from today, it is a problem from a long time ago and we have always listened to the players. What’s more, two members of our team traveled today, an executive and the sports director, Markel Zubizarreta, to be with them in case they have any type of doubt or problem or if they want to comment on something,” he said in statements provided by the club.

Barça’s position is one of “maximum respect and support” for its players. “Today I spoke with the 8 squad members, 8 from the first team and 2 who are playing in the under-23 team, such as the squad players Claudia Pina and Bruna, and I told them to be calm, that the club supports them and loves them” , he assured.

“What we do ask for the good of sport, for the good of women’s sport, for the good of sport in general and of society, is that they reach a consensus, that this problem be fixed once and for all, because This affects everyone,” he added.

In statements to Movistar, he added shortly afterwards that Barça feared, if its players did not attend the call – the first with Montse Tomé as coach – the possible sanctions. “We are faithful to the regulations set by the Spanish Federation and the CSD in this regard. We are governed by this, by these regulations. And failure to comply with these regulations also meant that the sanction could lead to them and, in the background, to the club,” he acknowledged.

“It is not an issue that came from two days ago. I have spoken about it on more than one occasion already, I believe that it is a matter of consensus, of speaking, of speaking a lot and of speaking well and that in the end, this has been derived to a terrain that is not good for anyone, it is not good for football, nor for sport, nor for women’s football, nor for women’s sports, nor for society, nor for anyone. This is not good for anyone. “The players need to play soccer, which is what they know how to do, and not be compromised and immersed in this dark cloud that has been accompanying them for years,” he lamented.