Carlos Navarro El Yoyas is about to fall. His arrest could take place in a matter of hours because the authorities already know the place where the former de Fayna Bethancourt. The Canarian woman claims to have received many clues about the whereabouts of Carlos.

This week we met the boyfriend of Fayna Bethencourt, Misael Montesdeoca. They both talked about Carlos Navarro, convicted of mistreating the mother of his children and a fugitive from justice. The former big sister has been dating the singer of the melodic Death Metal band for five years and during this time she has become a fundamental piece for her: “Misael has saved my life, he has helped me to be better and more Pretty but I saved my life“, He said.

Misael has also become a father to his children, two adolescents (boy and girl) between the ages of 12 and 15: “My children are aware that he is not their biological father, but They understand that love is more important than blood“. So much so that Fayna leaves in the air: “I would not be surprised if in the future they wanted to change their surnames“.

Fayna only has good words for him: “I told him that I would understand if he did not bear the responsibility of this relationship. But He told me: ‘I’m with you’“.

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Misael has also spoken about the ordeal that the former big brother puts them through: “Carlos said that he was going to crack me… If it appears, we’ll see what happens. I’m not afraid “. And he adds:”It didn’t hurt that he threatened me, but it did hurt that he told Fayna’s daughter that he was going to kill me.“.

The victim also talks about how he is today: “I still have sequelae. There are noises that make me shudder, if we speak very loud. It happens to my children too “. And he recalls some episodes he lived with the father of his children:”The fugitive was homophobic and xenophobic. I tried to educate my children in a parallel way when he left. He told them: ‘This is not so.’ It neutralized his comments regarding people of another sexual orientation or another race.”

The burden they continue to carry is enormous: “Carlos’s is a cross that I will always carry with me. When I travel, I do not upload photos to networks in case it occurs“. In this sense, Misael also regrets: “The police told Fayna to sign up for martial arts. And that says who has to protect you?“.

Carlos Navarro El Yoyas is sentenced by final sentence to five years and eight months in prison for various crimes of threats and gender violence. He continues in search and capture after ignoring the request to enter prison last December. From a forest he gave a controversial interview to a national newspaper. Fayna, a few weeks ago, asked the Ombudsman for help: “I ask that you intervene and help me due to the defenseless situation in which I find myself.” Her interview in Chester de Risto Mejide was a whole lesson that should be viewed in high schools.

The one who was a Big Brother contestant, convicted of mistreatment, has been in search and capture for four months and Fayna Bethencourt is clear: “He is waiting for the crime to prescribe”. She’s clear from the start who’s protecting her, but her desperation could get to her end. Fayna said that she had received “many clues as to Carlos’s whereabouts.” It is known that they have very closely fenced the place where he is.

According to Fayna, they already told her days ago that she is counting on someone to see him and call the police and that they arrive on time. “I’ve received leads from more than one,” she added.