The life of Tamara Falco it already has so many edges that it even overwhelms us. Just over a month after her wedding to Inigo Onieva (if in the end it is celebrated, since anything can happen), now it turns out that a 29-year-old girl became a nun inspired by her. Seeing is believing.

“After 24 years, the Dominican community of Murcia (Las Anas) celebrates a new solemn profession: that of Mihaela Maria Rodriguez29 years old, with a vocational story that began when the ‘influencer’ Tamara Falcó made a retreat,” writes the Diocese of Cartagena in a statement.

Mihaela María Rodríguez herself tells her story: “I made my First Communion and also the Confirmation catechesis, but I was not confirmed […] I turned away from God; He had a life like that of the girls today, he went out to parties and the Lord was, more and more, in the background “.

Little by little, the young woman felt the call of God, but it was not until she discovered the religious side of Tamara Falcó that she was encouraged to dedicate her life to religion: “The Lord was drawing me little by little; I did not know what he wanted from me but he was working.” Mihaela’s mother told her about the religious side of Isabel Preysler’s daughter and then, little by little, she found her destiny.

The young woman, then, was only 21 years old and found contact with some Dominican nuns: “As soon as I met the sisters, without knowing what religious life was like, I saw something different; a happiness that they had, and I wanted to know what was”.

Finally, about seven years ago she took the habit as a Dominican novice and, about four years ago, she began a new stage in the Monastery of Santa Ana in the Murcian city. Discovering her devotion has also helped him fit the pieces of her family puzzle, as she found her Romanian family and she was able to meet her parents and her six siblings.

A few days ago, Mihaela’s solemn profession was celebrated in the Monastery of Santa Ana in Murcia to make her a new Dominican nun, which is why the Diocese of Cartagena revealed everything that Tamara Falcó meant to her sister. “The words I have are happiness and a lot of peace for giving myself completely to the Lord,” Mihaela said on the big day.

At the moment, the daughter of Carlos Falcó, who is gradually solving the mess of her wedding dress, has not spoken about it, although she will surely hallucinate. On July 8, she says ‘yes, I want’ to the Madrid businessman. However, taking into account the one that was mounted with the famous video of Íñigo kissing another woman in Nevada, anything can happen until then.