Marta Luisa from Norway and the Durek shaman, officially engaged since June last year after three years of relationship, have recently made the decision to postpone their wedding after his kidney problems. The princess, who a few months ago resigned from her duties with the royal institution to “contribute to a clearer separation between her own activities and her link to the Royal House”, will have to wait to say ‘yes’ , want’.

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Days after the news broke, Durek Verret has made a statement in the German media Bild: “As long as you don’t have a new kidney, wedding plans are up in the air.” In this sense, he has also explained: “I don’t want to go to the altar and think about my health problems. It should be the best day of our lives: with a new kidney.” It must be remembered that the spiritual leader already underwent a kidney transplant in 2021 thanks to a donation from his sister and continues to have problems.

On the other hand, he has denied the rumors that he has a bad relationship with his future wife’s parents, the reyes Harald y Sonia from Norway: “Believe it or not, my relationship with King Harald and Queen Sonia is very good. They have supported me a lot in the last weeks, months… It really means a lot to me.”

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It must be remembered that after the announcement of Marta Luisa renouncing her official tasks with the Norwegian Royal House, the kings officially explained: “I feel that Durek now understands more what the monarchy and the Royal House of a country represent. He says that has learned a lot and the decision has been made by mutual agreement”.

And they added: “It is clear that Americans have no idea what a monarchy is, so it is not surprising that he did not understand it (…) There have been two cultures that have met. He probably thought he could do anything without it affecting us.”

Marta Luisa was already married between 2002 and 2017 with the Norwegian writer Ari Behnthe father of her three daughters: Maud Angelica19 years old; Leah Isadora17, and Emma Tallulah14. Behn took his own life on Christmas 2019 at the age of 47, causing great commotion.