Gerard Piqué still does not know to this day whether or not he will go through the operating room to solve his right knee injury. For now, the club's doctors, led by Lluís Til, have recommended that he follow a conservative method, taking refuge in the recent case of former Valencian player Rodrigo, that in 2018 he suffered a similar injury, and that in four months he was already playing. But nevertheless, Piqué will not make a final decision until consulting with surgeon Ramon Cugat, with whom he already has a visit scheduled for next Wednesday, as AS has learned.

Before this consultation, the player will be subjected to new tests this Tuesday to further narrow down the final diagnosis. And it is that as AS has been able to know, the medical part that the club has offered has lightened in some details the reality of the injury. In the statement it was assured that Piqué suffered “a grade three sprain in the internal lateral ligament and a partial injury of the posterior cruciate ligament”, when the truth is that the internal lateral ligament is practically broken while the posterior cruciate may be completely torn.

Obviously, the decision will be very traumatic in either case. If in the end, Piqué heeds the club's medical services, the recovery time would not fall below three months, and could reach up to four. If it is finally operated, the central would have said goodbye to the season, since the minimum time set in these cases would be about six months.

Right now Piqué's obsession is to perfectly save both ligaments and have a stabilized knee so that he can continue playing at the highest level for at least two more years. To achieve this, it is necessary to recover above all the internal ligament, which supports a good part of the knee joints.

Thus, it will be necessary to wait until Wednesday, after Cugat's visit, to know the real extent of the injury and if he finally has to undergo surgery or not.

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