Erling Haaland will return to Spain sooner than expected. Less than a week after its exhibition in Seville, it has been confirmed that at the end of March the star will return to Andalusian lands, specifically Malaga. The Norwegian national team was in the search for a venue for the World Cup qualifying match against Turkey, since the hard restrictions for coronavirus They force a mandatory 10-day quarantine to enter the country.

As Norway opens the group G qualifying phase on March 24 in Gibraltar, three days before the match against Turkey, Spain was the main candidate to host the game of the Nordic team. And so it has been. Today the Norwegian Federation has confirmed that the match on the 27th will be held in Malaga, the internationals staying in Marbella.

Pål Bjerketvedt, Secretary General of the Norwegian Federation (NFF), explained that the regulation on covid in his country can cause problems, such as it already happened with a Nations League match against Romania, and that for that reason they prefer to prepare the game in the prestigious facilities of the Marbella Football Center “a place we know well”, even if that means not playing in a “family environment” like Ullevaal.

Unfortunately the public will not be able to enjoy the game in the stadium, but Haaland's return to Spain it sure has a tail while the rumors about the interest of Real Madrid they get bigger every time we get closer to summer. The game against Turkey will also see the return of Martin Odegaard to Spain after its assignment to Arsenal last January.

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