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The role of the three captains in Liverpool's locker room

Gabby Barker



In few teams each of the captains hasHenderson (first), Milner (the second) and Van dijk (the third), a weight as specific as in the
Liverpool by Jürgen Klopp, closer and closer to winning the Premier after Monday's victory against West Ham (3-2).

Jordan Henderson he is the first captain of the 'reds', the one that raised the sixth Liverpool Champions League to Madrid on June 1, 2019, which he hopes to raise as soon as possible the first English league of Anfield's since 1990. The English medium inherited the bracelet in 2015 nothing short of Steven Gerrard.

The figure of Henderson, whose importance in the game of Liverpool It has only grown and improved under the orders of Klopp in recent years, creates consensus in the locker room. The current ‘network’ player who has been in the club for the longest time has never been great speeches but when he speaks his teammates listen to him. He leads by his own example as a great professional.

Henderson hugs Sadio Mané (Photo by Catherine Ivill / Getty Images)
Henderson hugs Sadio Mané (Photo by Catherine Ivill / Getty Images)

Henderson was injured in the first leg against Atlético in the Champions League (1-0), but he was in the locker room on Monday, on the occasion of the Premier match against West Ham, in which the 'reds' came back and won 3-2 . And, according to the portal The Athletic, the message of the midfielder was clear: this Premier is not yet won. A response from the team was expected after the 1-0 loss in the first leg against Atlético. And, although it went wrong, the team responded.

Rhian Brewster celebrates somewhat with Milner
Rhian Brewster celebrates somewhat with Milner

Huge is also the importance of James Milner in the locker room of Liverpool. In the whole club. During the break established this February at the Premier, while his teammates were on vacation, Milner, who usually gives advice to Jones, Elliott and other young people, trained with them and was supporting the U-23 team in the FA Cup match against the Shrewsbury (from Third). Jürgen Klopp, coach of the 'reds', decided that in this tiebreaker of the FA Cup the U23 would play so that the first team could take advantage of the week of rest of the Premier and the young people achieved the pass to eighth with a 1-0 His rival will be Chelsea.

Klopp underlines the importance of Milner for Liverpool

“Milner is incredibly important to us. He is a Professional Mister, very serious in everything he does. An example for young people. It's a peace of mind to have someone like Milly on your team. Very ambitious And with a few years still ahead, ”Klopp said about Milner in September 2019.

The third captain is Van Dijk, chosen by his teammates just a few months after the Dutch defender arrived at the club in January 2018 as the most expensive defender in the world: 85 million euros paid to Southampton. Van Dijk, captain on Monday against West Ham in the absence of Henderson and Milner, is the one who changed everything, which gave the team the mentality and defensive strength it lacked. Klopp chose Henderson and Milner, but left in the hands of his teammates to vote for the third and the chosen one was also the captain of Holland, already leader.

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