The risks that Espanyol has decided to take with Keidi Bare

The fourth signing of Espanyol 2020-21 after Fran Mérida, Miguel Llambrich 'Miguelón' and Óscar Gil involves a difficulty. A suspense that the club hopes to solve as soon as possible. At the very latest, next October 5. The point is that Keidi Bare, who will sign from Malaga for two million (and one more in variables) until 2024, will not be able to play for the moment with your new team.

The demands of a salary limit already exceeded before your arrival prevent the midfielder from being immediately registered. Espanyol needs to specify an exit to proceed with his enlistment in LaLiga. Fortunately for the parakeet club, Keidi's salary won't be too high and, although the corresponding part of its amortization will have to be added, no big sale will be needed to accommodate. Álex López or Víctor Campuzano can give you the entry key, depending on the conditions of their departures, if they are transfers and how much of their chips the destination clubs assume.

The other hurdle for Keidi Bare is that Espanyol cannot repeat the financial engineering procedure that it has implemented with Óscar Gil, 22, who for LaLiga purposes has a team player number 27, although he has never played or will play in Segunda B with the parakeet. In Keidi's case, On August 28 he turned 23, so he can no longer be registered with the B, as it happened in Malaga last season.

On the other side of the coin is an advantage. Despite the fact that the midfielder is Albanian, a non-EU country, he should not occupy a foreign position, since – apart from the fact that as a result of the Bosman Law, countries like his, in the process of joining the European Union, would count as EU members for FIFA – Keidi Bare has a Greek passport. So his entry will not depend on a hypothetical departure of Matías Vargas, given that the Argentine and Wu Lei take the two chips available for foreigners today.

Espanyol Shield / Flag

In any case, it is clear that Espanyol takes a risk by signing the signing of a footballer that it cannot register, and more in the case of the most expensive for now in this summer market.

However, He has preferred to take action knowing that in the worst case scenario he could end in a loan until January than lose him forever, since it added other suitors in Italy who jeopardized an agreement that had been closed for more than two months, since AS uncovered it on July 19. Now it is a matter of determining the conditions so that Keidi Bare can wear the perica shirt.