On December 28, we advanced in this newspaper the protocol that the CTA launched as a result of the appearance of the new variant of COVID.

Protocol that passed through the obligation of all the referees, and that they are designated for the league or cup day, to have to pass a test of PCR.

A test that they had to pass in the 72 or 48 hours prior to the meeting that is designated. Once they have the result of it, it will be when they have to send it to the CTA.

If it is positive, the arbitration body will designate the arbitrator that it has planned as a substitute. It should be remembered that, in extreme cases and in a high outbreak of COVID, it could be the case that a referee could whistle for teams from the same Autonomous Community. As the CTA already communicated on the occasion of the appearance of the pandemic in February 2020.

This PCR not only had to be passed by the field referees, but also by the assistants or collegiate quarters designated for the matches.

Protocol that the arbitration establishment, as has happened with the league itself, has recently updated. In the new “modus operandi” there is no longer an obligation to pass this PCR.

On the contrary, the referees, as well as the rest of the refereeing body members summoned for the match, must pass two antigen tests in the 48 hours prior to the match.

The first is within these previous 48 hours and the second must be carried out on the same morning of the meeting.

Some tests that the members of the refereeing body can carry out in a laboratory or they can also carry it out with those dispensed in pharmacies. A protocol that is already underway on the occasion of this cup day where the VAR also begins to be used where those cited to the Las Rozas Football City they must also execute it before going to the room BEFORE .

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