One of the footballers who evolved the most in the poor last season was Uros Racic. The Serbian disputed 35 games where he was a fixture for Javi Gracia and he settled in the medullary, being called with the absolute of Serbia. Everything foreshadowed that with the arrival of Bordalás his importance in the team would increase even more so, since the Alicante habituates to place players of the profile of Racic in the core, however, Nothing is further from reality.

Bordalás arrived at the capital of Turia with high expectations placed on Uros, who he considered a footballer physically gifted, whose long displacements he intended to exploit and whose ownership awaited him. However, when they are met almost two months since the competition started, the Serbian has only disputed 156 minutes divided into five games where he has participated in 21 ', 90', 22 ', 10' and 13 ' minutes respectively.

The 'Racic file' is a reality whose answer can be known based on Two reasons. On the one hand, the Serbian has failed get to the physical tone that Bordalás wanted and he has seen how Hugo Guillamón surpassed him, not only in the matches, but in the training. In the weekly exercises the Serbian has lacked to give an extra little point more of aggressiveness that later, in fact, has been reflected in some meetings.

Valencia Shield / Flag

Yes indeed, the 'B' side of the answer it is found in Racic itself. The footballer considers that the injury he had in preseason has diminished his chances on the field of play, but what it's a matter of time before it gets in tune. Until now I expected to have played more minutes, however, he is aware of the great level that Guillamón has offered and is confident in his possibilities.

In addition, with a contract up to 2024 the footballer considers this a key year in what his training is concerned. At 23, the growth that the footballer has experienced since he arrived in Spain has always been vertical, going from Mestalla to Tenerife, from Tenerife to Portugal and from Portugal to Valencia. Now after having momentarily stopped, Uros trusts in recovering the position and finish a season in which he considers that he will finish closing his training. Thus, he ignores the interests of other LaLiga clubs that have asked about him.