last weekend, Patriciathe sister of Georgina Rodriguezconfessed in socialite that his poor economic situation has led him to live as a squatter for the last three years and begged for the help of his girlfriend Cristiano Ronaldo.

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According to her, she is ruined and her sister has turned her back on her: “What hurts me the most are my children, not me. After all, I can eat with a piece of bread, but my children, who are their nephews. ..”.

“Georgina, I need help, you’re my sister. I know that she doesn’t have an obligation and responsibility, but since she’s supportive and so good with others, at least let her be with her nephews. If she doesn’t want me, let her be with her nephews”, begged Patricia.

This Saturday, Fiesta echoed Patricia’s words, but Aurelio Manzano He assured that the story was not entirely true. As the journalist recounts, the influencer did offer to help her sister, but she rejected it.

“When she was starting her story with Ronaldo and Patricia contacted her to explain that she had a problem paying for her children’s school, Georgina offered to cover all her nephews’ school expenses, but Patricia told her ‘no Send me 5,000 euros and I’ll take care of it.’ She asked for the money in cash, that’s what she wanted,” Manzano revealed. A version that Luis Rollan supported: “They tell me the same thing and they confirm that Georgina promised to pay for the schools but her sister wanted liquidity. And that they are not related.”

The truth is that Patricia herself recounted in the Deluxe A few years ago there was no contact between her and Georgina for a long time: “I stopped seeing Gio shortly after my father entered jail, I stayed with her, with her sister and with her mother but shortly after I They put me in a reformatory, since then I have hardly had contact with Georgina”.

Patricia is the sister of the girlfriend of the Portuguese soccer player on the father’s side, Jorge Eduardo Rodríguez, who died in 2019. In her Netflix series, Georgina does not even mention Patricia, in fact, the dancer from Jaca says that she has a family “of 3 “. “I want to thank my family. The one that has not let go of my hand since I came into this world. Thanks to my mother and my sister Ivana for accompanying me on the path of life, because we have always been a small family of 3 , but this has made us unconditional and inseparable,” he wrote on Instagram.