The day a transfer market was opened that conditions world football, Real went to announce six renewals at the same time of players from its quarry. A full-fledged demonstration of the elementary meaning of a unique club for its fans, which walks steadily among the state-level vanguard thanks to movements such as the one that lead it to consolidate the contracts of the most promising pearls. In the middle of a scenario that at the moment is contemplative in general terms, due to the economic problems that abound in the different places, Zubieta shows off his muscle. It is the portrait of the most authentic Royal Society.

One from Ordizia and another from Beasain. Two from Donostiarras, one from Elizondo and even a sixth from Gasteiz, the taste is in the variety. A goalkeeper, two central defenders, a couple of midfielders and the closed left-hander who can be a winger and also a winger. Andoni Zubiaurre (until 2024), Urko González de Zárate (2028), Jon Pacheco (2027), Ander Martín (2024), Jon Ander Olasagasti (2025) and Beñat Turrientes (2027) extend their contracts with Real. The goalkeeper has accepted the offer he had to renew and is placed under the command of Imanol, while the five renewed players culminated yesterday, Friday, the first week of set-up that will lead them to seek a place in the first team this preseason. Confidence in them is firm. They are the crown jewels.


Andoni Zubiaurre (Goalkeeper)

The last hours have served for Real to reach an agreement with Andoni Zubiaurre for the next two seasons, until 2024. He is the only one of the six renewed ones whose contract was ending now and the club has included him in this half dozen youngsters in a clear gesture of displaying strength. The Gipuzkoan has decided on Real among other offers that he had on the table, such as one from Huesca and another from Zaragoza, both from the Second Division, where he has stood out with Sanse. He puts himself under the command of Imanol as the third goalkeeper.

Jon Pacheco (Center Back)

This is the summer that Modibo Sagnan’s mole will definitely be admitted. La Real signed this unseasoned central defender in 2019 and three years later the goal is for the Frenchman to disassociate himself from the club. One of the reasons is clearly found in the progression of Jon Pacheco. It has become clear that the baztandarra has lifted the stickers to Sagnan in the left central position. He will be the Navarrese one of the four Imanol centrals, competition for Aritz, Le Normand and Zubeldia, with the confidence of having renewed until 2027.

Urko González de Zárate (Central defender)

No one has a longer contract than the one recently signed by Urko González de Zárate until 2028. The center-back becomes the most developed bet among all the players, not only from Real, but also from Sanse, a clear reflection of the hunch that runs through sports management. González de Zárate will carry out the pre-season with the first team after being a starter in the subsidiary’s season in the Second Division. He is the same age as Pacheco, he evolves more slowly, but his technical conditions make him different.

Ander Martín (winger or left back)

Of the six renewed, Ander Martín is the academy player who later arrived at Zubieta. La Real recruited the player from San Sebastian in youth and prolongs his bond for two more seasons, until 2024. Pure-bred left-hander, tight-lipped, he is one of those who does not make too much noise in his evolution, but he has been training for half a season for system with Imanol and being a starter with Xabi Alonso, the former Sanse coach who put him in the lane. Martin is offensive and the lack of wingers may be his secret weapon. Summoned by Sheriff for the preseason.

Jon Ander Olasagasti (Midfielder)

The recent departures of Blasco, Alkain or Aldasoro show that age must be taken into account to know what marks the limits in the line of succession. Hence, Jon Ander Olasagasti has to feel important having renewed until 2025 at the age of 22. He has earned it, standing out as one of the Sanse leaders, a role he could continue to play this season. For now, Imanol wants to see him in action during the preseason. The man from San Sebastian is another good midfielder that Zubieta makes.

Beñat Turrientes (Midfielder)

There is no more encouraging conclusion for a youth squad than when he realizes that the Sanse is already history. Provided, of course, that it is to enter fully into the dynamics of the first team. Beñat Turrientes is the last coveted piece of Zubieta who is about to distribute football at the highest level and in the Real. His renewal until 2027 is an institutional triumph: he arrived in children’s and has gone through all the categories of the quarry, until reaching the zenith. The paradigm of a youth squad that triumphs because he reaches the first team to stay.