When this afternoon the calendar of Liga From next season we will already know the pairing of a 2022-2023 season marked by the World Cup in Qatar and by a calendar that will be devastating for the teams. Starting with the League and Champions League champion, Real Madrid.

On July 8, the players are summoned to start a season where the international World Cup players will compete for 304 days in a row. This is the time that will elapse from August 10, the scheduled date for the European Super Cup against Eintracht Frankfurt, until June 20, 2023. That day is the last of the selection window that is planned FIFA and confederations like UEFA once the national leagues conclude and the Champions League final scheduled for June 10 is played. This in percentage terms means that they will be competing 83% of the year.

Although the non-international players of the white team will have a short break taking advantage of the World Cup event, the same does not happen with those who attend Qatar. It will depend on when they will end up eliminated. Because as soon as the World Cup ends on December 18, just nine days later they have the last day of the league year.

In addition, one of the weekends that they could rest in January will no longer be able to do so because they have to play the Spain Supercup.

They would only have the first weekend of May planned so that on the 6th the final of Copa del Rey In sevilla. This as long as they do not dispute it.

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In number of matches they will play a minimum of 57 matches always thinking that they fall at the first change of all the knockout competitions. In the case of reaching all the finals, the white internationals will be able to add 70 games in just 10 months. It is clear that Ancelotti will have to pamper his players and it seems clear that rotations will be key if they want to endure such a stormy season.