Nico Melamed, Espanyol player, has recognized this Wednesday that anger at not having won the derby against Barça, despite having had options, leads you to reverse that feeling eager to beat Real Sociedad on Sunday (4.15pm).

“We all know that derbies are special and we always want to win them. We thought we were superior and we were able to win, but that anger for not having achieved the three points will help us to achieve it this Sunday against Real “, explained the youth squad.

Melamed assures that the dressing room has already turned the page of the derby and that focuses on the visit of the San Sebastian team, one of the ‘roosters’ of the League. “We already left the derby behind, we gave our best and played a good game. But now we are psyched in the Royal Society. Let’s go get them and with the maximum possible ambition “, he highlighted.

The parakeet youth squad has praised his next rival, a Real second in the standings, although he also remembers that Espanyol are doing well with the ‘big boys’ at the RCDE Stadium.

“It is a great team and with great individualities. But as a team it is the best, if not the best in the championship because all the players complement each other very well. And there are their results. It gives us extra motivation to go for another big club, because at home we are being very strong against big teams “, recalled the parrot youth squad.

Melamed is clear that the Real due to its good season, it has entered the group of powerful clubs in the championship. “We know that Real is a ‘great’ and it comes in handy because of the good championship it is doing. But we have competed well against the greats and we are psyched to do it again“, has reiterated.

Nico is clear about one of the most decisive so that Espanyol is being so strong in the RCDE Stadium, the support of the fans perica. “The fans are the common point that supports us from the warm-up to the last minute. At home we are being very superior and with a very strong mentality for the fans, which accompanies us from the first minute, “he said.

Nico Melamed tHe has also valued their individual performance. He himself admits that “it is true that it is not my best season in terms of numbers, but I will try to match and exceed them. I always want to do my best, whether as a starter or as a shock.”

In addition, the youth squad has explained how he is living his landing in the First Division: “I have always known how to adapt in all the categories in which I have played, because normally they have raised me before time. I feel more and more comfortable. The rivals are physical and I try to get used to it. “