The producer of Ana Rosa Quintana fires Marta Riesco after months of controversy in Mediaset: “I am not satisfied”

The reporter Marta Riesco has been fired from Unicorn Content, the production company chaired by Ana Rosa Quintana for which she worked for years as a reporter and editor. It is a “disciplinary dismissal”, as confirmed by the journalist on her Instagram account.

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“I confirm that I have received a communication of disciplinary dismissal from the company I have been working for since 2017,” Riesco explains in a publication that he has spread on social networks. “I am not satisfied with the reasons that the company has given to dispense with my services, so I am announcing that the dismissal is going to be challenged before the Labor Court,” says the journalist.

“On the advice of my lawyers, I announce that in the future I am not going to make statements about the development of the legal proceedings to challenge the dismissal that will take place in the coming months. I ask my colleagues in the media to respect this personal decision” , continues the journalist, who recently worked in Fiesta, the Telecinco weekend program. “I want to thank so many colleagues at Unicorn Content and Mediaset for the good times we have had together in recent years. Some of them have already expressed their solidarity with this totally unexpected and especially damaging decision at this time, due to the reasons that you can already assume,” he adds. “Now I have to recover as best as possible from this unfair situation and take care of my health and my family. Today more than ever, Indestructible.”

Marta Riesco: endless controversies in Mediaset

Marta Riesco worked for years within the team of Ana Rosa’s program, the main format of Unicorn. The journalist belonged to the heart section, where she did reports, videos and interviews. But her situation was compromised when she began a sentimental relationship with Antonio David Flores. At that time, she also became a ‘character’ and appeared on occasion talking about her personal situation before the cameras.

In parallel, a battle began with Save me, the Telecinco afternoon program, which was positioned on the side of Rocío Carrasco and against Antonio David, a former collaborator of La Fábrica de la Tele until he was fired at the time of the premiere of the documentary about the daughter of Rocío Jurado. At that time there were some moments of tension, such as the day that Marta Riesco spoke for the microphones of Save me when i was working for AR y He got involved with Anabel Pantoja, an altercation that his bosses did not like. From that moment, Riesco became a headache for the production company he worked for.

After some time, Unicorn relocated Marta Riesco to Fiesta, the weekend program presented by Emma García, where she continued to do reports related to the world of gossip and entertainment, but further removed from the daily news on the channel. Her turning point occurred a few months ago, when she was the subject of a strong live discussion with a reporter from Save me when they coincided in the same photocall. That day he even mentioned Borja Prado, president of Mediaset, who ordered the reporter to stop doing direct. Marta Riesco was also one of the characters vetoed by the new management of the chain when addressing its content, along with Rocío Carrasco, Antonio David, Ortega Cano, Kiko Rivera, etc.

In recent weeks, she has remained at home on medical leave due to anxiety, but Riesco continued to be very active on social networks, from where she continued to send continuous messages that put her relationship with the company she worked for in a very difficult situation, since she was attacking Jorge Javier Vázquez and even appealed to the Minister of Equality to attend to his case.

A few weeks ago, Antonio David Flores announced that Marta Riesco was going to “sue” Jorge Javier Vázquez for “labour harassment”.